Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jellyfish, Andrea Gibson

"...Before you become my friend
picnic with my rubble
roadtrip with everyone I left in the dust
do the laundry from the last time I was loaded
how she found my trigger and we woke
with the sheets pulled above our heads
praying the mortician could make us pretty
None of us are pretty
but our ugly has an alibi
and our gorgeous has a baby sister
a sand collection or three harmonicas we keep blowing off
from that flute we carve from our wrists
Put your lips here
Tell me there is music in my blood
then tell me there is more in my light..."

At one point, I am sure that I would not have appreciated this poem. Like most people, I have this thing about feeling uncomfortable.
However, I've come to this idea that art and life are one in the same. Life can be absolutely breathtaking and beautiful; but it also can be arduous, difficult and lonely. I feel that refusing to acknowledge the sadness only pushes it down further, allowing it to multiply beneath our skin.
What I love about this poem is how well she captures the concepts of loneliness, failed intentions and escapism. Although those aren't themes that most people want to be able to relate with; I think most of us can.
Andrea Gibson is a poet and activist from Denver, Colorado. She is the author of four books, has self-released four CD's and won numerous awards including the 2008 Women of the World Poetry Slam.

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