Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Terra Verde: A Good Blog to Check Out If You Like Simplifying Your Life

Angela with her husband, Michael
My sister, Angela Brown, does it all. Not only is she a successful business owner, graphic designer and marketing consultant- she somehow finds the time to bake her own bread, knit and crochet, make candles, sew formal dresses and quilt the scrap material into beautiful blankets and wall hangings. She reads classic literature, listens to NPR and decorates her kitchen like a vintage bakery. She is an expert on Victorian era history, keeps an herb garden around her house and is an exceptional photographer. Yeah, she makes everyone else look bad... but we love her anyways.

She has a really great blog, Terra Verde Online. Her blog is split into the categories of Simple Living, Arts and Crafts, Good Reads, Favorite Things, Wellness, Simple Holidays, Food, Simply Fabulous People, 1000 Gifts, Victory Gardening and Business&Marketing. Her articles range from practical how-to's to motivational insights on the world.

She also has a bridal website, TerraVerde Bride which includes anything and everything a bride could need to know to have a simple, fun, low-stress wedding. I'm serious, you can go fire your wedding planner now- this blog has everything.

I'm not even being biased because she's my sister. I don't even like her. I just follow her blog.

Jokes, just jokes.

I love her very much and we get along just fine.

But, seriously- stop what you are doing and go check out her blog because I'm sure you will love it as much as I do.


  1. Great blog! Keep writing!

  2. You are too nice to me! Thanks for all your compliments.

    But I don't like you either! ;-) j/k

    Maybe you should visit me in my vintage bakery someday.

  3. Oh psh. I'm just being honest.
    Yes, I definitely need to visit you.