Saturday, May 28, 2011

5am thoughts

Here I go again... 5am, haven't gotten any sleep yet. I've been doing this a lot lately. These late nights that melt into early mornings usually bear excessive creative productivity by daylight. However, tonight, I've been listening to slam poets like their words are piecing back the loose ends of my brain.

 "It took me years to learn…flying is not pushing away the ground."
On a different note; I have been reading a bit about Hindu philosophy and Middle Eastern myths/legends. A story that stood out to me this morning was that between the god of Love, Krishna, and his lover Radha. The story goes that Krishna radiated Love to the point that he couldn't keep from falling into a deep, passionate romance with everything alive (The story goes on to explain that he made this practical by replicating himself and seducing eight women at once. Nice.). Of course, this made his lover extremely jealous. She was always trying to channel his Love back to only her (She even goes so far as to steal his flute, as she is jealous that it recieves his breath.). The story can be seen as a metaphor between the soul and the ego. The soul wants to love *everything*. It wants to embrace every living thing. The ego pulls it back, containing the Love (Although, of course- can go too far and become jealous.). It dawned on me how interesting it is that the ego, in this story, wasn't the bad guy... but just another being deserving love and guidance. 
Well, loves, daylight is opening her eyes. I think I am going to take a walk and enjoy the morning.

Things to Do in an Ice Storm by Lauren Zuniga

This poem really spoke to me today.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Here's to my awesome mom...

I'm a bit late wishing my mom a happy mother's day... my family and I were at a park and I was away from my computer all day.
My mom and I. 2009.
So, a day late- here's to my mom! I hope that someday I will be as graceful and strong as she is.
My mom and my brother, Sam. 2002.