Monday, July 11, 2011

5 Reasons You Might Hate Where You Live

I have noticed that most people wish that they lived somewhere else. In snowy Alaska, there are people secretly saving pictures of sunny, sandy Florida on their computer. In Florida, there are people cutting pictures of snowy mountains out of magazines, daydreaming of someday escaping the heat. This isn't a point I need to drive home, you have probably felt this way from time to time. I tend to be overtaken by location envy every once in a while... or sometimes all of the time. The question is, why? I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and here are my thoughts.
1. You aren't tapping into the resources around you
Because life is sometimes stressful, and we all get bogged down with responsibilities... you might be missing out on some really cool things right in your back yard. Maybe there is a beautiful State Park, local diner or vegan restaurant right around the corner. Maybe there is a small group of raw foodists, vegans, knitters, artists, dancers ir whatever-your-thing-is near you. Try going to and see what is going on in your area. Also, in most areas, there are a variety of locally owned businesses that you could not find a duplicate of anywhere else. is also a good resource for finding cool, local things. Oh, and if you don't think you have time do anything fun... get off the internet. You will have so much time on your hands.
2. Assumptions and Beliefs
Have you ever heard yourself say, "People are nicer in [Insert Location]" or, "People here are so ignorant/rude/uneducated/ [insert negative adjective] here"? Something to remember is that there are rude, obnoxiuos people everywhere. I'm not saying this in an attempt to put a damper on your faith in humanity; but you will never escape negative people... so you might as well learn how to coexist with them and seek out people that do not drive you crazy.
3. When you visit another place, you are 100% having fun
When you are on vacation, you are most likely relaxing the entire time. The place where you live is where you work, go to school, do laundry, clean the house and do all of those mundane, every-day things. Sometimes people accidentally associate their every-day stress with the place they live, when really it's just things that everyone has to do that no one really wants to do.
4. You are just unhappy
I have experienced this, and I think a lot of people have. You have a deep, unhappiness... depression, maybe? Family issues, a stressful job, money troubles... we've all got them. I think that it's important to take care of your own emotional well being, and then it will be clear if you need to make major changes so that you are not dragging your inner unhappiness with you into another city.
5.  You actually are in the wrong place
You feel out of place because you are out of place. Maybe you are in a long distance relationship, are in a foreign city for a short term job, live across the country from your kids or your mom is more than a train ride away. Maybe you are a surfer and you live in Chicago. Maybe you are a city mouse and you have found yourself in the country.
Maybe you need to move.