Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to Make Green Juice (without a Juicer) In 15 Minutes

I love fresh green juice. It is full of super-vitamins, makes me feel amazing when I drink it and is a great way to stay hydrated. I have noticed that I am usually, specifically, hungry for more raw, fresh foods in the following meals when I have a green juice in the morning.
I juiced a lot when I first started my raw food diet. I was recovering from serious health ailments, and healing was my full time job. I had juice three times a day, and more often during my 40 day juice feast. (Although it wasn't like I was doing all of that juicing for myself, my family helped me a lot.)
However, as time went on, my health returned and my schedule began to fill up. Juicing became less frequent as my life became more hectic. After moving from a home with counter space to an apartment with very little, I stopped juicing altogether.
Thankfully, I discovered an easier way to make my morning green juice that does not involve using a juicer. Now that green juice is again a part of my daily routine, I have noticed a big change in my health and I am so thankful.

Here is a walk through of how I have been making green juice without a juicer

What you will need to get started:

1 head of romaine lettuce
1 Pear
1 Apple
1 Beet
1 chunk of Ginger

(The greens and fruit are completely optional. Mix it up! The sky is the limit!)

A Nutmilk Bag
Nutmilk bags were originally created to strain almond milk. (hence the awkward name) They generally cost around six dollars and can be found online

A Big, Wide Bowl

A Blender

Step One: Chop up the Fruits and Veggies

 Step Two: Throw them veggetubbles in a Blender with Water

I used quite a bit of water on this occasion to counterbalance the amount of fruit sugar in the beets
Step Three: Blend it up!

Step Four: Strain It
At this point, you will want your large bowl to be sitting in the sink. With the nutmilk bag around the top of the blender, gently pour the liquid in to the bowl.

Step 5: Milk it! This is where things get weird. Squeeze the nutmilk bag until all that is left in the bag is dry pulp. This usually takes me about one to two minutes.

I like to pull the string on the top before I start milking the juice, but you don't have to

After the juice is thoroughly extracted, it is ready to drink;

but before you run off and enjoy that juice, be sure to clean up first
The bag can be flipped inside out to empty the pulp
It takes about thirty seconds to rinse this bag off. I like to run my nutmilk bags through the washer every so often to kill any bacteria.

And there you have it, two quarts of beet-red green juice in fifteen minutes without a juicer


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  1. I tend to drink smoothies more because I like the convenience of a blender and don't have a juicer. This is such a great idea! I will definitely incorporate more of the juice I crave using this technique!