Friday, January 10, 2014

Staying Warm, Happy and Healthy all Winter

I had the most difficult time last Fall staying on a healthy, high raw diet as the temperatures fell. When it's cold outside, the last thing I want to do is eat cold food. As I have been experimenting throughout the season, I have found a few things that have helped me stay healthy, happy and warm.

1) Warm Herbs
I have found that warm herbs are excellent for helping my body stay warm. My favorites are ginger, cinnamon and garlic. Garlic is especially wonderful since it also has anti-viral properties, which is always useful this time of year.
I can add these to a smoothie, a salad or a juice and it does the job just as well as a cooked dish.

2) Wearing Proper Layers
I've got my long johns under my pajama pants under my jeans. I look a little chubby, but it works! Never underestimate the power of layering.

3) Drinking Tea
Warm teas (such as ginger or chai rather than cool teas like peppermint) add both temperature and herbal warmth on a chilly Winter day.

4) Soup, Soup, Soup!
I like to eat warm soup made with miso, garlic or potatoes. It's not raw, but it does the job!

5) A little bit of exercise helps
Taking a brisk walk or doing a few minutes of aerobic exercise indoors does wonders to warm me up.

6) Brave the cold and visit a friend
Having a good visit with a friend over a cup of tea can make the cold feel like an adventure rather than a curse.

7) Try to have fun!
Try out skiing, ice skating, sled riding and snow man building. Making the most of these cold days helps me look forward to them when the season changes again next year.

When I absolutely can't stand it, it helps to remember that it is all temporary : )

Jaymes and I running around in the snow last Winter

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